Gas shipping has a long tradition in the Schulte Group which has first entered the LPG segment in 1968 and the LNG segment in 1990. Over the years, the Group has developed extensive experience in ship management as well as newbuilding supervision of gas carriers. Today, the group owns and manages small-scale and large-scale LNG vessels.

The Schulte Group strives to be a leader in LNG Shipping and to make an active contribution to bring the industry forward, especially in the field of safe and reliable operations. The Group is actively represented at LNG industry bodies SIGTTO (Society of International Gas Tankers and Terminal Operators) and SGMF (Society for Gas as Marine Fuel).

BSM manages LNG carriers from Hamburg (Germany), Newcastle (UK) and Athens (Greece) and is developing the same capabilities in Singapore. To coordinate the Group’s LNG activities and to develop and implement strategies to improve LNG capabilities further, the “LNG coordination Centre” (LCC) was set up in 2018. The internal department employs LNG experts and focuses on coordination and knowledge sharing within the Group and the development of strategies for the areas LNG ship management, ship owning, crew recruitment and training.