Amera’s Dry Dock Update: Upgrades and Efficiency Boost

MS Amera Sets Course for Transformation as She Enters Dry Dock
October 4, 2023
MS Amera Sets Course for Transformation as She Enters Dry Dock
October 4, 2023

In the recent developments at the Dry Dock, Amera is undergoing substantial upgrades aimed at boosting its operational efficiency and reducing its environmental impact. These improvements are not only a testament to Amera’s commitment to providing a top-notch cruising experience but also to its dedication to sustainability. Let’s take a closer look at the progress.

New Gearboxes: Last week, the ship’s old gearboxes were replaced with new ones. This change was necessary due to alterations in the ship’s main engines and shaft generator setup. The new foundations for the alternators have been installed, and the ship’s three old auxiliary engines have been removed, making way for increased effectiveness and reduced fuel and oil consumption.

Auxiliary Equipment and Pipelines: The shipyard is currently installing new auxiliary equipment for the engines and pipelines to support the new engines. These improvements will contribute to the ship’s overall performance and functionality.

Hotel Area Enhancements: Progress in the hotel area is also noteworthy, with ongoing work on the maintenance of balconies and pool modifications. These improvements aim to provide guests with an even more enjoyable and comfortable experience while onboard.

Galley Improvements: The galley is getting eco-friendly upgrades with the installation of new Biodigesters and dishwashers. The Biodigesters will help manage food waste efficiently, eliminating the need to dispose of waste overboard. Additionally, the new dishwashers are designed to save energy and water, reducing fuel and fresh water consumption while minimizing wastewater.

To get a clearer picture of these updates, you can refer to the 3D model, which demonstrates the ship’s new engine setup. This setup will be implemented for both the starboard and portside shafts, further improving the vessel’s performance.

These ongoing enhancements in the Dry Dock reflect Amera’s commitment to a greener and more efficient future. With these improvements, the ship is poised to provide a better cruising experience while reducing its environmental footprint.

Stay tuned for more updates on Amera’s journey toward a more sustainable and efficient operation.

Photos: (C) Phoenix Reisen GmbH