MS Amera Sets Course for Transformation as She Enters Dry Dock

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September 29, 2023
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November 3, 2023
BSM Cruise Services Takes the Helm of MV Renaissance from CFC Croisières
September 29, 2023
Amera’s Dry Dock Update: Upgrades and Efficiency Boost
November 3, 2023

We are excited to announce that MS Amera has embarked on a transformative journey, setting sail for the Remontowa shipyard in Gdansk, Poland.

The journey began on September 25, 2023, when MS Amera disembarked all her passengers in Bremerhaven, Germany. Loaded with the necessary materials and equipped with a dedicated crew, the ship charted a course for Gdansk. After navigating through the picturesque Kiel Canal, she arrived at the renowned Remontowa shipyard on September 27, 2023.

MS Amera’s stay at the Remontowa shipyard promises to be a significant one, as she is scheduled to undergo a comprehensive machinery refit and a series of luxurious modifications to her hotel facilities.

Machinery Refit Highlights:

  • Engine Overhaul: All engines, including gearboxes and alternators, will be replaced, enhancing the ship’s overall performance and reliability.
  • Electrical Upgrade: The main electrical switchboard will be exchanged, ensuring a safe and efficient power distribution system.
  • Propeller Replacement: New propellers will be installed, optimizing propulsion and maneuverability.
  • Bow Thruster Upgrade: The bow thruster will be replaced, enhancing the ship’s agility and control.
  • High Voltage Shore Connection: An advanced High Voltage Shore connection will be installed, reducing environmental impact while in port.

Hotel Area Refurbishments:

  • The Ocean Restaurant and Royal Suite will undergo extensive refurbishments, offering passengers an even more delightful dining and accommodation experience.
  • Approximately 5,000 square meters of carpets in public areas will be replaced, providing a fresh and inviting ambiance.
  • In 232 passenger cabins, bathroom refurbishments will ensure the highest level of comfort and convenience.

In addition to these enhancements, various projects are planned to address necessary repairs, technical improvements, and upgrades that will benefit both the ship and its dedicated crew.

The primary objective behind these extensive technical upgrades is to elevate MS Amera’s efficiency and align her with the latest IMO exhaust gas standards, reinforcing her commitment to environmental sustainability.

Currently, MS Amera is securely moored alongside a yard pier at Remontowa shipyard, where preparation and dismantling works are well underway.

On October 11, 2023, the ship will transition to the drydock, where she will spend the next five weeks undergoing meticulous inspections and transformative changes. Once the drydock phase is complete, the ship will return to the pier, where construction and commissioning works will be finalized to ensure she is fully prepared to re-enter service and provide Phoenix Reisen GmbH passengers with an even more exceptional cruising experience.

We are proud to be part of this exciting journey with Phoenix Reisen GmbH and MS Amera, and we look forward to witnessing the ship’s remarkable transformation. Stay tuned for further updates!

Photos: (C) Phoenix Reisen GmbH